Tripwire Demo Game

March 17 | 1:00 PM D3 Gaming and Collectables 1232 Blanding Blvd STE 4 Orange Park, FL 32065 In Tripwire you play a spy sneaking into a hidden military base to steal its secrets. If you are lucky you can navigate the ever-changing room layout. If you are smart you can use your gadgets to…

Sneak Peek into Trip Wire

The game is played on tiles, each representing an area in a secret military base. These images show the rec room in varying difficulties. Even vicious stormtroopers need time off!

Kickstarter funded Day 1

Thanks to everyone who backed us early! If you want to watch its progress or change your pledge, visit

Arcane Tomes video up

The campaign doesn’t start until tomorrow, but you can see the feature video now.

Kickstarter Approved

Today I submitted the Kickstarter project for Aldwin Dane’s Arcane Tomes, glanced at the time on my phone, and when I looked back up, it had been approved! It is tentatively scheduled to launch July 11th. The writing and editing are all done. Front cover and layout are in the final steps. The video is…

Prime Treasures Kickstarter Coming!

Our first Kickstarter is being prepared now. The launch will be for the first entry into a series of books featuring magic items for your roleplaying game. Marter Dane’s Arcane Tomes describes magic books running the gamut of power from “Hey, that’s neat” to “This changes everything!” In developing this book, we found a fantastic…

Sneak Peak pics

These are some images from Arcane Tomes, the first book in our Prime Treasure series.

Fight-of-the-Month Club

We are pleased to announce another upcoming line of products: the Fight-of-the-Month Club. We’ll be releasing a batch of products: an encounter, a map, and 2-4 STL files for printing at home. You can buy each component individually or save as a bundle. For maximum savings, you can subscribe to get a bundle delivered automatically.…

Prime Treasures

Our first entry into the roleplaying game field is a series of small books of crunch. Prime Treasures offer magic items available for dropping into any game or setting. We’re going to make the first entry into this line our first Kickstarter project for an early. We’ll start showing covers and contents as soon as…

Trip Wire

We are working on our first board game design. The design is the result of an open call I put out some time ago. Somebody walked into the store and ran a demo of a game he had designed, and I liked it. I unfortunately wasn’t equipped with the infrastructure to fully design, produce, and…