Our first Kickstarter is being prepared now. The launch will be for the first entry into a series of books featuring magic items for your roleplaying game. Marter Dane’s Arcane Tomes describes magic books running the gamut of power from “Hey, that’s neat” to “This changes everything!”

In developing this book, we found a fantastic team of professionals. The writing is some of the most fun I’ve had creating a project in years. Our editor, Annie Percik, shored up the strength of the manuscript I submitted to her like a dwarf building Moria.The artist, Pedro Sanchez, is the true hero of the work. You’ll love his work, and he’s earned a place on our team with his beautiful contributions.

We think you’ll enjoy the format of this Kickstarter, too. Our launch goal will be very low, and the stretch goals will give you more and more content for your game. it should be very fun to follow along.

We will share the details–including the link so you can get your copy–as soon as those things are established.