Game Submissions

Want to submit a game to us? Step 1: have a great idea. Step 2: Read and agree to our standard disclosure form. This document protects us and allows us to read your submissions. Without it, your submission gets deleted unread. Step 3: Send us your idea!

  1. Board games: We will consider any size and any scale, but we prefer a focus on tight game play over an overabundance of components.
  2. Roleplaying games: The best way to sell us a book is to look at our existing catalog and propose a title in that series. If you have something original you’d like to suggest, send it.
  3. Miniatures games: We will consider a miniatures game (and we are reviewing some designs now). If you have a rules outline, you can submit it. You do not need miniatures already.
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Do you have a prototype ready (board game or minis only)
Has this product been published ANYWHERE? Social media posts, Lulu, DriveThruRPG, your own website, or anywhere?
Before submitting anything, you must agree to our standard disclosure form. Download it, sign it, and submit it along with this query. Once we receive it, we will contact you regarding your proposal within 24 hours during the week and Monday if we receive it on the weekend.