We are working on our first board game design. The design is the result of an open call I put out some time ago. Somebody walked into the store and ran a demo of a game he had designed, and I liked it. I unfortunately wasn’t equipped with the infrastructure to fully design, produce, and market the game at the time; my open call was a bit premature. Now we are in full swing, and Trip Wire is coming to stores.

Trip Wire has players infiltrating a secret military base in search of three MacGuffins. There are three major complications. First, other spies are looking for the same things. Cooperation is not part of the plan, so avoiding enemy spies is a top priority. Second, the base itself is dynamic, hiding its own contents from strangers. Third, the base’s active defenses are cunning and well-hidden.

Fortunately, you have some cool Gadgets you can use to bypass the traps, fend off your rivals, and help you navigate the base’s labyrinthine design.

We are striving for an October release date. We’ll post things like price and images as we decide on them.